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Titanium alloy application racing car

At present, cost reduction is the main research direction of titanium alloy used in automobile industry.According to the characteristics of cost distribution of titanium alloy used in automobile industry, the material research and development workers mainly reduce the cost from the following two aspects: developing new low-cost alloy system and using new processing and preparation technology.

1. New low-cost titanium alloy system.Researchers from all over the world developed a new low-cost titanium alloy system, focusing on the following aspects: the use of cheap alloy elements alloy design and alloy design to improve the processing characteristics.Among them are Japan and the United States, China has successfully developed two low-cost titanium alloys, namely Ti8LC and Ti12LC.In the design of low cost titanium alloy components for vehicle, the commonly used cheap alloy elements are Fe, Cr, Si, Al, etc.

2. New processing and preparation technology.The processing cost of titanium alloy material accounts for more than 60% of the total cost in the production process.The research in this aspect is mainly divided into two aspects: one is to improve the traditional casting and forging process; the other is to adopt the powder metallurgy near-net forming technology.

Titanium metal has the advantages of low density, high specific strength and good corrosion resistance. The use of titanium material in automobiles can greatly reduce the body mass, reduce fuel consumption, improve the working efficiency of engines, improve the environment and reduce noise.But high prices mean that titanium alloys in the automotive industry have only some applications in luxury models and sports cars, and few in ordinary cars.Therefore, the research and development of low-cost titanium alloy to meet the market demand is the key to promote its application in ordinary family cars.Cold forging is one of the most promising methods to manufacture automobile parts in titanium alloy.Titanium alloy at room temperature deformation resistance is small, good machining, can be cold forging materials, currently Japan has developed three kinds of cold deformation of titanium alloy.Titanium alloy also has some shortcomings, in the cold forging is easy to produce uneven deformation, and easy to adhere to the mold, so the mass production of titanium alloy parts with cold forging technology needs further exploration and development.

About 60 percent of the energy consumed by automobile fuel is consumed by its own mass. Although currently high-strength steel plates, aluminum, magnesium, metal matrix composites and plastic resin materials have played a role in reducing the weight of automobiles, the advent of industrial titanium materials has made automobile manufacturing a better choice.The multi-part titanium alloy wheel has two and three parts, several parts of the wheel hub are respectively forged and made by spinning technology, and then connected with titanium bolts. These products are light in quality, high in strength, superior in performance, but expensive, and are mainly used in all kinds of championship racing cars and high-end luxury cars.In various levels of the global car racing, cars and motorcycles, whether under what conditions, can require vehicle speed within a short 3 s to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h, so the wheel need to be on track to withstand due to extremely high lateral acceleration, high speed and overload running condition of the harsh conditions and produce, as well as strong tyre wear and the effects of temperature, in such an environment more than type aluminum wheel hub withstood the test of various kinds of hard environment.Although the product quality is light, as a result of the use of advanced manufacturing technology, the product structure strength is high, the combination of many pieces gives a person with thick solid feeling.

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