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Different grades of titanium materials for use

The grades of titanium vary depending on the metal alloy. Titanium grades show how much resistance the metal has in relation to the strength. Although titanium is durable in its purest form, once it’s combined with other elements it becomes stronger.

Grade 1 titanium is titanium in its purest form. Compared to grade 5 titanium, grade 1 has less ductility to offer.

Of all alloys, grade 5 titanium is the one which is used most. Titanium grade 5 has an exceedingly high strength making it more reliable under extreme conditions. This type of titanium is normally associated with aerospace and marine industries because it can withstand temperatures up to 600°F. 

Titanium grade 12 has greater resistance against heat which makes it particularly useful for tube heat exchangers. This type of titanium is perfect for welding because it offers high strength stability. 

Titanium Grade 1-4 is pure Titanium, the other grades are alloys. Pure Titanium is used due to it’s high corrosion resistance, the alloys because of the extremely high strength to weight ratio.

  • Grade 1 Pure Titanium, relatively low strength and high ducility. Plate heat exchangers
  • Grade 2 The pure titanium most used. The best combination of strength, ducility and weldability. Piping systems.
  • Grade 3 High strength Titanium, used for Matrix-plates in shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • Grade 5 The most manufactured titanium alloy. Exceedingly high strength. High heat resistance. Aerospace, subsea.
  • Grade 7 Superior corrosion resistance in reducing and oxiding enviroments. Chemical Industry.
  • Grade 9 Very high strength and corrosion resistance. Hydraulic piping, subsea.
  • Grade 11 Applications as for gr 7. Suitable for deep drawing.
  • Grade 12 Better heat resistance than pure Titanium. Applications as for grade 7 and 11. Shell and tube heat exchangers
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